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Passion, the secret sauce of interview (and career) success.

You can’t fake passion, fact. The difference between someone getting through interview stages or not usually boils down to the energy in the room. Passion appears to be an overused term now on LinkedIn profiles and CVs, but the real…

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Zero Lives Left Career Podcast with talentsocial

Following on from our previous blog which explored ways you can further your career using Social Networks, talentsocial was asked to guest star on the fantastic Wayne Denner’s Zero Lives Left Career Podcast. This was Wayne’s fifth podcast in a…

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Referrals…it really is all about who you know

In any company the employees should be the first port of call when it comes to sourcing new talent – unless of course the search is somehow sensitive. Statistics show that people referred from employees in a company stay longer,...
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It’s how we’ve always done things around here. #Yawn.

I started working in the wonderful world of agency recruitment in 2005. Having previously worked in Sales and Marketing for seven years, I found it a fairly easy transition, and one that took me even closer to my first passion...
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