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April 01, 2014
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I started working in the wonderful world of agency recruitment in 2005. Having previously worked in Sales and Marketing for seven years, I found it a fairly easy transition, and one that took me even closer to my first passion – making connections that help people. I moved on to sell my second passion, technology (not wine), while helping my new company recruit in-house. (Wine is my third passion incase you’re interested). While selling software, I excitedly watched the rise of social media and experienced the huge benefits to my new role in a company that fully embraced it. It was a fantastic time of learning and I looked back at my agency time thinking what a huge benefit social networking would have been to sourcing. Back in the day I largely depended on my ‘little black book’ and felt reliant on expensive job boards and print advertising, to reach people out of my immediate network.

When I got the opportunity to work in an agency once more, introducing these new social channels and building the client list, I had a better understanding of what growing businesses really needed from people and vice versa. I also got to realise the huge benefits and potential of the new social landscape to the recruitment industry and clients. Like every other area, social media has torn up the old recruitment manual and opened up a new world of opportunities. For traditional recruiters who haven’t fully embraced these opportunities, I say things will only get worse.  If you keep doing things the same old way, you are doing your company and clients a disservice.

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I’m not a “techie” but I love using good technology and what excites me most of all is the social benefit, how it improves our lives by helping us connect and communicate more easily. I’m driven by change and think the best disruption is yet to come – which is why talentsocial was born, but more of that to come later.  In this first phase of talentsocial, I’m looking forward to connecting the best people out there to the most exciting companies emerging in the UK and Ireland. Through our leaner approach to sourcing we promise to deliver better results and savings back to our clients and never ever be boring.

Don’t be a stranger, get in touch and let’s discover who you need to connect with to reach your full potential, to be the best you, or build the dream team.

Lynn Jennings

Use the power of social to find your dream team

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