Why use us?

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About talentsocial

talentsocial is a boutique social recruitment agency that uses the power of social. We like to focus on finding people at the top of their game, or with the potential to be great, and match them with forward thinking companies that will help them realise their full potential.

We believe traditional recruitment practises are outdated and know that the best candidates for the job may be passive, but not currently achieving their true potential. talentsocial understands your industry and takes time to get to know your unique culture, this helps us find the right people for your company. We believe honesty is always the best policy and confidentiality is guaranteed.

What makes us happy?

Our goal is to match the most awesome people out there to the exciting high growth companies emerging in the UK and Ireland.

Head talentfinder profile – Lynn Jennings

Lynn has worked in Recruitment (both in-house and agency), IT Sales & Digital Marketing Consultancy since graduating in 1997.  This experience helps her understand issues facing growing tech companies and specific characteristics and skills required from new recruits. Lynn is passionate about helping great people reach their true potential by finding their dream job working with their dream team. Lynn also gets a buzz from working with great clients to find the best people to grow their company.

Key messages for clients

Get the benefits of social recruitment

Build your dream team

Get top tier talent for less

Get five star service

Key messages for candidates

Be the best you can be

Realise your dream job

Know and earn what you’re worth

Work with your dream team

What we do

Build great relationships with talented professionals and clients

Match client need with the best possible people in the professional social network arena

Engage, consult, introduce, negotiate, ensure win/win

Use the power of social to be the best you can be